The Network (1976)

I thought this movie was spot on. To think that this was a satire about the news is heartbreaking, true, and sad that it was correct. The fact that two actors were nominated for best actor by the academy of motion pictures just speaks to its humour, pedigree and honor of excellence. Faye Dunaway (she won best actress for this) isn’t too bad in it, shockingly (I recently saw Eyes of Laura Mars). I thought this was well done and made me question my role in society. How bad is it that we have a 3 second attention span that the frilly lights would attract me more than someone sitting down, calmly?  How bad is it that executive heads actually go through with hiring hitmen to kill people in their way of ratings? How does that not seem to shock anyone anymore? How bad has it become that violence is so common in our everyday language? The dialogue was very realistic as well; I would even go as far as it speaks to a media generation before it was one knowingly.


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