The Mindy Project “Christmas” Season 3

During most of this episode, I was screaming. I hated the idea that Mindy needed to get married. The main goal of a woman is not marriage. I understand that this show is about relationships but really? Marriage is not what she needs. I see Mindy Lahiri as someone like me, a young woman who wants love. I don’t want the end goal to be her married because that sends to me the idea that marriage is the answer. I don’t believe that. My parents are married but when they act lovey- dovey when I was in my teens I was . They yelled so much that that was shocking. I don’t believe marriage is the best way to make you happy. Besides, she’s 30. She still has time. My mother, who also watches the show, made me realize that Danny was about to ask Mindy to marry him because he wanted to make up for a wrong of his. That doesn’t make sense. Why try to make up with someone by spending the rest of your life with them? Try friendship.


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