I just watched the film Interstellar. I call it a film, not because it was directed and written by Christopher Nolan who has his own style but because I believe, for me, that this film made me think about my life. In film class, they say there is a different between a film and a movie and I believe them: it’s about the connection the media has with the audience. The reason this was a film was because it tested your beliefs about the universe and who doesn’t enjoy the idea of living *spoiler* a really long time? The fact that it satisfies you on almost every core level is amazing and I wasn’t expecting that after watching films like Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy; things that always have sequels. This film spoke to me by *spoilers* the fact that it somehow justifies the reasoning that everything happens for a reason. I believe in this and that someone is looking out for me, and this film somehow made that seem reasonable. That was odd for me. I really enjoyed the suspended black screen ready for a commercial break within the first third of the film too; but what I really loved was that it made me, a person who isn’t a physicist understand what a black hole shape was (never knew that) and I understood the key themes of the film. It didn’t make me feel like an idiot or bore me. (My father used to wake me up to see asteroids.) I enjoyed that it seemed to speak to me at a personal level. I enjoyed that the most, I believe.


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