The Network (1976)

I thought this movie was spot on. To think that this was a satire about the news is heartbreaking, true, and sad that it was correct. The fact that two actors were nominated for best actor by the academy of motion pictures just speaks to its humour, pedigree and honor of excellence. Faye Dunaway (she won best actress for this) isn’t too bad in it, shockingly (I recently saw Eyes of Laura Mars). I thought this was well done and made me question my role in society. How bad is it that we have a 3 second attention span that the frilly lights would attract me more than someone sitting down, calmly? ¬†How bad is it that executive heads actually go through with hiring hitmen to kill people in their way of ratings? How does that not seem to shock anyone anymore? How bad has it become that violence is so common in our everyday language? The dialogue was very realistic as well; I would even go as far as it speaks to a media generation before it was one knowingly.



This film was so intense, I had to look away. The close up shots of his hands, the sweat, the emotion echos through the entire film. I thought that this was well done.

The Interview

I went and saw this film on Christmas day. I was determined to watch this film. I thought that there was a variance of women characters – all weren’t push overs. They were determined, smart women that had their own opinions. I enjoyed that. I had thought it would be funny like Neighbors but I took it as I had to be in the mood. I was so angry about the “shelving” of the movie, I was determined to drive to see it if needed. I did like that most of the men were more connected to their emotions that other films. I enjoyed that as well. I also enjoyed the irony of the music choices. I thought it was a good film, but I think I needed to be more loose watching it. I thought this film was entertaining.

The Mindy Project “Christmas” Season 3

During most of this episode, I was screaming. I hated the idea that Mindy needed to get married. The main goal of a woman is not marriage. I understand that this show is about relationships but really? Marriage is not what she needs. I see Mindy Lahiri as someone like me, a young woman who wants love. I don’t want the end goal to be her married because that sends to me the idea that marriage is the answer. I don’t believe that. My parents are married but when they act lovey- dovey when I was in my teens I was . They yelled so much that that was shocking. I don’t believe marriage is the best way to make you happy. Besides, she’s 30. She still has time. My mother, who also watches the show, made me realize that Danny was about to ask Mindy to marry him because he wanted to make up for a wrong of his. That doesn’t make sense. Why try to make up with someone by spending the rest of your life with them? Try friendship.


I just watched the film Interstellar. I call it a film, not because it was directed and written by Christopher Nolan who has his own style but because I believe, for me, that this film made me think about my life. In film class, they say there is a different between a film and a movie and I believe them: it’s about the connection the media has with the audience. The reason this was a film was because it tested your beliefs about the universe and who doesn’t enjoy the idea of living *spoiler* a really long time? The fact that it satisfies you on almost every core level is amazing and I wasn’t expecting that after watching films like Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy; things that always have sequels. This film spoke to me by *spoilers* the fact that it somehow justifies the reasoning that everything happens for a reason. I believe in this and that someone is looking out for me, and this film somehow made that seem reasonable. That was odd for me. I really enjoyed the suspended black screen ready for a commercial break within the first third of the film too; but what I really loved was that it made me, a person who isn’t a physicist understand what a black hole shape was (never knew that) and I understood the key themes of the film. It didn’t make me feel like an idiot or bore me. (My father used to wake me up to see asteroids.) I enjoyed that it seemed to speak to me at a personal level. I enjoyed that the most, I believe.